The Power of a Dream


the-power-of-a-dream-picA Dream is a beautiful thing. It allows us to believe past our barriers. Those barriers could be any type of resources, knowledge or abilities. A dream does not require you to have everything together, just the ability to see pass the barrier. It functions without resources, just ideas, vision and a desire to become something, achieve something or accomplish something.

The challenge is that your dream, lives in a reality that does not require sacrifice. It costs you nothing to imagine yourself as successful business owner, a professional athlete, a writer, dancer, senior manager or a vice president of a company. It costs you nothing because it leaves in a reality that does not require sacrifice. In order to bring something from the state of a dream into the state of your life it requires sacrifice. Sacrifice to learn, gain knowledge, improve your understanding, research, study, review, budget, plan and execute are just some areas that may be needed depending on your dream. Those who sit back and do nothing should expect to receive the equivalent of what they are doing which is “nothing”. I believe that there is value in a dream. So don’t just tell people about the dream, tell them about the steps you are taking to bring it from the state of a dream to the state of your life. A dream without effort is a great idea in a tomb. It exists, but remains in a dead place. Apply sacrifice to the dream, life is too short to leave unfulfilled ideas in a tomb. Do something about your dream today. I want you to know that God is Smiling at You, and its okay to Smile Back…PB