A Touch Of Faith


a-touch-of-faith-picFaith is not mystical, its biblical. Faith does not mean the mountain doesn’t exist. Faith means the mountain can be move. Faith does not mean the sickness is not real. Faith means the sickness can be healed. Faith does not mean you won’t have difficult times. Faith means you can endure difficult times.

Faith is a belief that goes beyond the barrier of your limited abilities. If you are a good reader, you don’t need faith to read. A skilled plumber does not need faith to replace a toilet bowl. Faith comes alive when you choose to believe in possibilities that are beyond your personal capabilities. The only way to come to God is through faith. Since you must believe He is who he says He is without seeing Him. It is impossible to please God without faith, because it is impossible to believe in Him without it. This faith, in who God is, forms a foundation in which we build our lives and obtain joy, peace and perspective. There is so much more in life for you to feel, live and laugh through. It starts with Faith. I want you to know that God is Smiling at You, and it’s okay to Smile Back…PB