Bringing Families From Homeless To Hopeful.

Our Mission

Find, Feed & Restore is the outreach division and DBA of Living Message Church. Their mission is to bring families with children from Homeless to Hopeful. The heart of our organization is impacting the lives of families that fell onto hard times due to no income or low income and have chosen to live in their cars or in tents with their children. They meet people where they are (current reality) and bring them to a better future (true possibilities) utilizing their program that provides free transitional housing and case management services.


Find, Feed & Restore is a “Housing First” program that provides free transitional housing to homeless families with children. Find, Feed & Restore purchases and accepts donations of travel trailers and we utilize them to take families with children who live in cars or in tents and place them into a stable environment within an RV park in the suburbs of Central Florida. We allow them to stay rent and utilities free for 4 months while we provide free case management services that include financial budgeting classes, credit report education, economic meal planning, interview preparation, resume writing along with professional counseling. After a 4-month period, the client will begin to pay lot rent and utilities for their low income supportive housing as a building block to becoming self-sufficient.

The goal of the program is to give parents and their children an opportunity to stand again during challenging economic times while maintaining a balanced lifestyle. The process brings them from homeless, to the comfort of a travel trailer, to self-sufficient living in their own apartment/trailer home. For more information, please go to